Do Stuff, To Stay Young At Heart! Aneurysm Or No Aneurysm!

FitOldDog’s Philosophy

Aortic Aneurysm Or Not

Do Stuff!

do stuff, to stay young at heart.

FitOldDog, Sag Chef in the evening, hill training during the day. Life is good!

Do stuff, to stay young at heart!

Do stuff, to stay young at heart, with your dog.

Scooter felt the cold, on this rainy evening.

It’s too easy to sit around!

This weekend, I’m sagging for a group of 10 people hiking a small section of the Appalachian Trail, in Virginia.

My job? To drive from campsite to campsite, in our old Chevy truck (Yep, we haven’t let it go yet!), and provide a hot dinner as they come off of the trail. Breakfast too, if requested.

As I enjoy cooking, and traveling in the mountains, no problem!

During the day, Scooter and I hang out together. I train for the next Ironman race. Hill climbs on the bike, or on foot, within site of the truck (can’t leave Scooter all alone). Amazing the training you can do on a short piece of steep asphalt.

Do stuff, on the Appalachian Trail

There’s the Appalachian Trail, the famous AT!

I also include two hours of writing a day, on the latest book – working to be an effective info-preneur.

The new stove is working well, and so far (day 3), everyone is pleased with the food. Last night was a challenge, cooking burgers and fries in heavy rain. I’m vegan, but I don’t force it on my friends.

Beautiful country, here.

To stay young at heart, do stuff!

Do stuff you enjoy – for me, it’s reading (currently, Shoe Dog, the story of Nike, which I’m really enjoying), writing e-books, blogging, Ironman training, while interacting with friends, family, and our lovely non-human, animal companions.

Wishing you happy trails, from somewhere near the Appalachian Trail.

FitOldDog (time to hill train, on the bike and run).


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