Enlarged Prostate? Larry Rescued By Cutting Out Dairy Products!

Enlarged Prostate Is Inconvenient

It’s why old guys pee (or try to pee) all the time!

enlarged prostate; Larry is much better now he's cut out dairy products.

Larry was effusive about his improved prostatic hyperplasia symptoms, since cutting out dairy products.

I told Larry my story, of improved prostate health!

“When cow’s milk is fed to people, IGF-1 [insulin-like growth factor-1] levels also increase.”

“IGF-1 promotes undesirable growth too—like cancer growth and accelerated aging.”

enlarged prostate: cow and calfAn enlarged prostate is a pain in the neck, which is why Larry is so happy, now.

I work at the Mall, when it’s too hot to write in my tiny house (no AC or fans, yet!). I’ve been going there for years. Why? Because no-one there knows me, coffee is available, and I enjoy a quiet place to sit, with white noise for a background (I never did like working libraries).

About two years ago, I struck up a conversation with Larry. He’s happy going around cleaning the mall, The Streets At SouthPoint. He frequently stops to chat with customers, and I suspect that is his real job – customer relations. He always has a story or a happy word, especially for older folks. He has an interesting military record, and appears to be generally content. He also loves his dad, who he worries about. When he learned that I’m still doing Ironman races in my 70s, Larry was intrigued. Larry’s dad isn’t much older than me, but he’s not is great shape, physically.

Larry asked me about my diet, a few months ago. I told him my vegan story, mentioning the dramatic health benefits I enjoyed, by cutting out dairy products. It completely changed my peeing habits, and effectiveness. What a relief!

Larry nodded, and said, “That’s interesting!”

Yesterday, I returned to work at the Mall, after a long break. Larry spotted me, and came straight over, with a big smile on his face, and a handshake.

enlarged prostate from diary products

Eat less meat, and stop consuming dairy products, is my advice. You soon get used to it, surprisingly enough. FitOldDog.

Larry said that he had taken my advice, and completely stopped using dairy products, including milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream. He’d even started using cashew milk in his coffee.

Larry said, he did have trouble with needing to pee all the time. Sometimes desperately, even during a movie or dinner. But, within two weeks of avoiding dairy products, the symptoms vanished. He was still surprised, I could tell.

Larry was delighted.

Now Larry’s working to get his dad off of dairy, and cut back his own meat consumption, having lost weight and feeling better on his new diet!

You change the World one person at a time, starting with yourself!

When it comes to enlarged prostate, this was (and still is) exactly my experience.

TWO WEEKS off of dairy products improved the life of two old guys (well, Larry isn’t that old!).

Think about it.

What is cows milk designed to do?


“Furthermore, the expression and production of IGF-I, a key peptide hormone that is involved in regulating human growth and development, are influenced by nutrition and physical activity. These features of the IGF family underscore its potential importance in the mechanisms that underlie the roles of lifestyle and behavior in influencing cancer risk.” Role of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor Family in Cancer Development and Progression


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