Exercise And Sexual Appetite As You Age – Was Sophocles Getting Enough?

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Woody okra by FitOldDog

Can you be too woody? You can if you’re okra for my breakfast! Photo by FitOldDog, all home-grown.

“There was a young man from Devizes, who had balls of two different sizes.

One was so small, it was no ball at all, but the other had won several prizes.” 

James Herriot, All Things Bright And Beautiful. (If you’re having trouble in the sex department, humor is great medicine).

“Plato’s Republic, Book One: Cephalus speaking. ‘How well I remember the aged poet Sophocles, when in answer to the question, How does love suit with age, Sophocles, —are you still the man you were? Peace, he replied; most gladly have I escaped the thing of which you speak; I feel as if I had escaped from a mad and furious master.” AskMetaFilter.

Was Sophocles getting enough, exercise?

Butterfly by FitOldDog

Some times I look at my woman, and she takes my breath away. This is how it should be, and don’t waste it, because life is very brief. This butterfly landed on my truck, then proceeded to die in the next few minutes – yes, grab life by the balls, while you can, young man. Photo by FitOldDog.

FitOldDog is convinced that sexual appetite is a function of physical fitness, especially as you age.

As a kid, no-one talked to me about anything important. I was raised in post-World War II England, where sex was taboo, a holdover from the Victorian Era. This can leave a young man mystified, and at considerable risk of unhealthy manipulation by the ‘opposite sex.’ I didn’t really get it sorted out until my mid-fifties, but, twenty years later, I’m really glad that I did.

Healthy sex, with someone you really care about, is delightful, enjoyable, necessary.

Sex is also a potentially dangerous drug, especially for men (just look at the size of the massive porno industry) – the selfish gene at work, my friends.

Not telling me stuff as a kid? Take self-abuse for example (now, there’s a stupid name for it) – as a young boy, I was told that I would go blind if I masturbated – this is BS. I’d go crazy if I didn’t, especially when single. In fact, it is a good idea before a date, helping you to take off the ‘beer goggles.’ Red alert! For valuable insights into this subject, just read Portnoy’s Complaint, by Phillip Roth.

FitOldDog's no meat breakfast.

Delicious, no-meat or eggs breakfast – ADVICE: IF YOUR SEX LIFE IS A MESS – calm down and make some bread – it worked for me, but that’s another story. Photo by FitOldDog.

If you consult online medical advice columns, they (the MDs, most of whom feed us on pills, not diet and exercise, and often don’t look in very good shape, themselves), will tell you that it is natural for men’s sexual appetite to wane with age – look around, what else wanes with age in these guys?

Did you look around – what is natural for many men as they age? Clearly, becoming fat, walking with little baby steps, having puffy faces, giving angry looks when not drinking beer, especially when having to slow down to avoid a manslaughter charge as they pass a cyclist on the road (legally enjoying a Sunday morning ride), and facing heart attacks, bypass surgery, and a floppy dick. Of course a waning sex drive is normal as you age – whatever (what an American expression that is!)

Man, yes YOU, MAN, your morning wood is an even better indicator of your state of health than your resting heart rate, so record both if you like to keep a training log.

Time for FitOldDog’s guide to healthy sex as you age – writing it right now, which is sure to piss some people off. But then, if you don’t make any enemies you probably haven’t achieved anything worthwhile.

You also have to understand women, guys (straight guys), a subject that I find to be both fascinating and worthwhile.

What an interesting subject sex is, especially as I love gardening and eating all those healthy home grown vegetables.

Get lucky by getting in shape!

Wishing you happy gardening.


PS Get out there and sexercise old man, for heavens sake, before it’s too late and everything withers away from lack of use!


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