Exercise For Aging: Health, Mid-Life Dating, Your Bucket List: Prepare Or Suffer!

Exercise For Aging

Exercise for aging

FitOldDog’s Training Wheel For Active Healthy Aging

Start at the top, and go clockwise!

Don’t complain, start training for aging!

It’s never too early to prepare for an active, healthy old age!

exercise for aging: FitOldDog's injury map.

This is what happened to FitOldDog, before he started body-awareness training.

You think Ironman is an endurance sport?

Try aging!

I often hear stories of guys, in their 40s, 50s and 60s, deciding it’s time to get in shape.


  • Divorce leads to dating, so you want to look good (been there, done that!).
  • Fear of health problems. Fear is a waste of time, but it is a great motivator.
  • The kids are away, and you want something to do that’s fun.
  • You’re getting older, and you have physically challenging things on your bucket list.
  • You always wanted to run a marathon, and now you have the time.
  • You, looked in the mirror one day!
  • The dangerous one: you want to return to the sport of your teenage years!

What do most guys do?

  • They go out and run, like they did in High School – Bam! Strained Achilles, or whatever!
  • They play a pickup game of basketball, with the local youngsters – Bam! Twisted ankle!
  • They workout hard, on a hot (or cold) day, and have a heart attack!
  • They get a young fitness trainer, and do one sit up too many, and strain their back.

[Aside: Sit ups are a useless way to strengthen your core. Furthermore, if you do them incorrectly, you’ll really put your lower back at risk]

What does FitOldDog recommend?

Start with body-awareness training, and move on from there! Period!

FitOldDog’s exercise for aging training wheel.

Happy Trails.



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