Safe Exercise With A Stent Using FitOldDog’s Training Wheel

Are You Stuck In A Rut?

stent: stuck in a rut.

Safe Exercise With A Stent?


Get your wheels turning again with FitOldDog!

stent exercise

Always start with body awareness, as you recover from stent surgery – if you’re not listening you could do yourself harm. It’s simple – LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Try FitOldDog’s Body Meditation – works for me!

Why a wheel?

exercise with stent

Because wheels work! Life goes in cycles.

So does healthy exercise!

Life has been using wheels effectively for over 2,500,000,000 years!

stent: ATP synthase

Yes, ATP synthase, which makes most of your energy, has a wheel inside.

The Stent Blog says, on exercise with a heart stent:

“…really depends on you and what you did physically before your stent.”

I agree, but there’s more, much more!

Tara proposes a close relationship with your surgeon, for endurance training!

But, that’s not possible, most of the time!

To a large extent you are on your own! Sorry!

If you want to return to a sport, I recommend a benefit-risk assessment!

But all is not lost!

You can be inspired by people who’ve been there!

Like Bob Scott, Athlete With Heart Stent!

Never give up. Life is too amazing to miss!

Here’s my story!


There’s lots of safe exercise advice on this blog. I’ll be putting out another book soon. On the FitOldDog Training Wheel!

Just check the FitOldDog Bookstore, from time to time

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