Feldenkrais Approach To Shoulder Flexibility

Shoulder flexibility is critical for the avoidance of shoulder injury.

Fall in North Carolina, HalloweenNothing much worse than poor shoulder flexibility, when you have to carry awkward, heavy objects.

Such as pumpkins!

Halloween is over.

We’re are settling in for winter training.

I am glad to say this will include plenty of strength work during the fall. I really enjoy working with weights in the gym.

MRI images of thigh region to show effect of exercise on muscle mass.

Just look and learn.

Strength is a critical aspect of exercise as you age. Focused weight training can offset osteoporosis, and other aging diseases. But you must combine it with good posture.

Exercise can also offset muscle wasting. Just look at these three MRI images, through the thighs of three very different men, with respect to aging and exercise.

The trick to effective upper-body strength work, is to maintain shoulder flexibility. Weight training can induce muscle tightness, so add plenty of time for stretching. Another way to gain over-all and shoulder flexibility, during weight training season, is swimming.

I approach shoulder flexibility in a number of ways, including Feldenkrais instruction from Karen. Today I want to show you the nature of my instruction. Designed specifically to loosen my shoulder blades. In order that they float over my rib cage. Such flexibility helps me to carry out the physical tasks of daily life in a relaxed and fluid manner. Here is a short Feldenkrais video that Karen and I prepared during my session, today.

I really need increased shoulder flexibility.

I was working with my damaged left shoulder, for this video clip. I dislocated my shoulder a number of years ago. Resulting in a much reduced range of motion. Some of which is attributable to guarding, or tension in other muscle groups. In an attempt by the body to protect the damaged area.

Guarding tension can remain long after the injury is repaired. Feldenkrais, has certainly improved my range of motion, and functional ability of my left shoulder.

The logic behind many Feldenkrais exercises is illusive. They have been beautifully crafted to bring you in touch with your body. They encourage smooth movements, with optimal biomechanics. They reduce bodily resistance and tension, and effectively make you a better athlete.

I strongly recommend that you give Feldenkrais a try.

Sure works for me, when it comes to shoulder flexibility.



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