FitOldDog Resembles Candide, He Finally Has Life In Balance, Happy Preparing His Garden.

FitOldDogs vegetable garden in preparation.

Jerome (on his tractor) and Lloyd, both doing a great job on my new garden, fixing the drainage, keeping out the deer, and so forth. Thanks guys! Photo by FitOldDog with permission.

“Neither need you tell me,” said Candide, “that we must take care of our garden.” Candide by Voltaire.

Drainage ditch in FitOldDog's vegetable gardenIt is important to have your life in balance, and a vegetable garden can help you to achieve that.

I’ve had some great gardens in my time, and for some reason I chose to prepare another, and it’s a big job. I was sitting, contemplating, one day, and Candide came to mind. It was probably triggered to my struggles to continue Ironman training, as age takes it’s relentless toll. And I thought, “Boy! I’d love to have another vegetable garden, and that’s what I’ll do. I’ll only sign up for one Ironman next year, maybe Louisville, as that went well for me in 2013, and plant a garden.” So we set to work. Deb found us a builder, Jack, a spritely 89-year old, and thus right up my alley, and he brought in a great crew, Jerome, John, and Lloyd, and a tractor, and they set to work. They put Jack’s plans into action, including a lot of work on drainage (a real issue in my yard), and I can’t wait for the topsoil to arrive. It’s late in the year, so I’ll be limited to turnips and greens for my winter garden, but I’ll be ready to roll in the spring.

Working on FitOldDog's vegetable garden.

Left to right, Lloyd, Jerome and John, doing a great job of fixing the drainage for the winter rains. Photo by FitOldDog with permission.

But how about Ironman training. Now there’s an interesting challenge. Having my hip realigned has been fascinating, encouraging and difficult, just like building a vegetable garden and keeping it productive.

My goal for the winter will be to get my running back on track, keep my bike solid, while ramping up wattage gently, and to enjoy lots of long steady swims.

Tending your body isn’t really so different to tending your garden.

I can’t wait for those fresh tomatoes, corn, and some great runs (Boston?) next year. I love winter greens and long cold runs, with frost on the ground.



  1. Pauline Watson says

    Good luck with this race! So you are considering Boston next year? Would you be interested in NYC (without fundraising requurements), as an attempt at a Boston qualifier? We are also looking for 70.3s down in the south east states in October.

    • HI Pauline, thanks for the race wishes, and in my case a good race will be to finish in under the 17 hours without causing any bodily mayhem. I plan to focus on running all winter, with the usual topping up for swimming and biking. I would really like to try for Boston again. I’m not sure if NY is the best qualifier, as it is too crowded – maybe not for a real runner, such as yourself. Last time I qualified at the Charlotte Thunder Road race, in December, but my running won’t be back on track for 9:00 average pace until early or late Spring. Let’s find one we both like? There are plenty of 70.3s we could both do. We can brainstorm that. OK! Back on the road. I’m outside at the campsite, with a great Internet connection. Got to pack up the tent and move. Kind Regards, Kevin

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