FitOldDog’s Surgery Recovery Guide SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Search engine research for FitOldDogs surgery recovery guide ebook

Google takes you to big business, Amazon. The other three engines go to my EverWeb,, site. Which needs rebuilding for mobile, I noticed. Interesting. Analysis by FitOldDog.

FitOldDog's Google blog traffic.

Terribly little traffic to this blog, on Google.

Time to work on my Surgery Recovery Guide SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Tim Soulo to the rescue.

FitOldDog’s Surgery Recovery Guide is helpful. It presents a patient’s perspective. But sales are unacceptably low. I want to help people with aortic, and other life-threatening diseases. While covering my costs.

On the excellent advice of Tim Soulo, of BloggerJet, I’ve stopped writing blog posts for 31 days. Spending my time, instead, exploring search engine optimization (SEO). “But this is a blog post,” you might say! Not really. It’s my SEO work. Explaining why my posts will cease for about one month.

FitOldDog's three plantar fasciitis shoes.

FitOldDog’s three different shoes. Used to keep plantar fasciitis at bay. Works a treat. Shoes look dirty, because the trails are a mess. Photo by FitOldDog.

Google is odd. A couple of years ago, this blog had about 200 hits per day, on Google. It was growing. Then it dropped to 100, and never came back. The Google search engine changed.

My hundreds of followers vanished, too (only 15, now). In fact, a friend said the other day, “Didn’t you used to write a blog. I don’t get it anymore!

So it became my personal diary. Athlete With Stent brings some sales. Occasional requests for advice from people with aortic disease. It feels great, when I can help. By showing an interest. Having been there myself.

I looked a little further, on Google, which seems to favor big business, over the little guy (true?). I found my aorticpatient site, on page 9 – invisible.

I found my site on page 6 of Google. But I only created it a few weeks ago. As a test.

I know, keywords! But this Surgery Recovery Guide SEO was based on the same keyword analysis.

I created aorticpatient ages ago, on EverWebiWeb is no longer supported.

FitOldDog's weight room

I’m back in the weight room to build strength, flexibility, and my relaxation skills. Photo by FitOldDog

Don’t expect any blog posts after this one for a few weeks, my 15 faithful followers.

I was about to write a post on my three kinds of shoes for plantar fasciitis. How I keep it at bay. It will have to wait.

OH! Yes! If you want a free pdf copy of my book, Fit And Active Into Old Age, In Spite Of Health Challenges, here’s the link:

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I’m off  to rebuild the mobile version of Then back to my Tim Soulo homework.

Before hitting the weight room, for my next Joe Friel Ironman workout.

Happy Trails,


PS The beauty of DuckDuckGo, is that it doesn’t spy on your every move.


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