FitOldDog Training Video #2: Sitting For Symmetry


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A book that can really change your life for the better. From:

I have found that some of the most effective exercises are those that you can apply in daily life. This is the philosophy used by David Harp (now David Harp and Nina Smiley) in that great book, ‘The Three Minute Meditator.’ I still use the meditating ideas that I read there about 15 years ago. I can meditate at traffic lights, in the grocery line, and if I have the forethought, when I get mad and need to calm down before I say or do anything that I might regret. Over the years I have been developing simple exercises for improving my body whilst going about my daily activities. I first noticed my severe hip imbalance when attempting to sit cross-legged ‘the other way around,’ when instructed to do so during a Yoga class. I just couldn’t do it, even though I had been sitting cross-legged comfortably for years. I started to work on that by alternating, and bit by bit I fixed it. Feels fine to sit cross-legged either way now.

Here is a short video clip showing this approach applied to unilateral hip flexor tightness.

Just explore your body for self-induced tight spots or areas of imbalance that you have accumulated over the years by doing things the same way round every time. Then start to do them in reverse, if you can. Be careful not to hurt yourself in the process by falling over or cutting a finger. I can now beat an egg quite quickly with my left hand after about three months of practice. At first I appeared to be suffering from a serious neurological impairment, and the egg went all over the place.

This is all about teaching old dogs new tricks.

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  1. Which pet bowls are those?

  2. I wrote a special post to answer your question. -k @FitOldDog

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