FitOldDog’s Living With Aortic Disease Flyer: Thoughts?

I’ve been living with aortic disease for some time now, thanks to my magical abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft and it’s recent reparative extension. So I write about my experiences, especially when it comes to Ironman training with an AAA stent. A number of people, in certain hospitals (can’t say which people, I guess, or someone’ll HIPPA me to death), have asked me for a flyer to promote my blog,,  and my recent books on life with aortic disease and how I deal with it.

So! Here is my first version, which I shipped out today (or was it yesterday, I forget!).

FitOldDog's flyer page one

This is page one: Just click on the image to make it bigger. 

FitOldDog's flyer page 2

This is page two: Just click on the image to make it bigger.

I wish everyone with aortic disease, and their family, friends, and medical support crews, all the best with this issue, which can be a real pain in the neck. But then, it is remarkable that we, humans that is, actually exist, when you consider our precarious situation on this beautiful planet of ours, so I’m pleased to wake up every day for as long as I can.



  1. Alan Martins says

    Question: when we gain weight some our major organs get bigger as well, correct?
    Is it possible that if someone gains, let’s say 100lbs that his/hers aorta could also enlarge as well? So my question is can your Aorta get fat as well ?

    • Hi Alan! What an interesting question to ask a pathologist. It comes down to the distribution of storage (white) fat, for which the aorta is not really a storage depo. it will become heavily embedded in fat, however, as fat accumulates in the suspensory systems (mediastinal structures and mesentery). So, I think no, the aorta does not become fat, per se, in people with lots of storage fat. I wonder if I’m right, but then I always wonder that. Sleepy time. cheers, Kevin PS See you in December when I come up for my next scan. My turn to pay for dinner, I hasten to add.

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