Free Body-Awareness eBook for Endurance Sports Including Aging

Including aging? Believe you me, aging is the ultimate endurance sport.

I have friends who can no longer run, or even bike, due to bone-on-bone knee damage. All due to lack of body-awareness (heel striking) while running in their 20s and 30s.

I had two running-related knee surgeries myself, in my 50s, before I woke up, developed a low impact running style, and qualified for Boston two years later.

A long long time ago!

FitOldDog in Boston Marathon 2009 shirt
Body awareness training and a great coach, got me to Boston. It was a blast! I was sad when I lost that shirt. Fond memories.
Too old to run! NO WAY!

I’m still working to stay in the Ironman game, which would be impossible without my prior proprioceptive intelligence training. That’s why I’m offering you a free copy of my latest book, Heel Injections Should Be Banned, as it includes a 21-day body-awareness training course.

The Free Body-Awareness Training eBook, Body Meditation for Optimal Movement,” is at the end of this book as an Appendix.

You might be wondering why I put that training course at the back of a book on heel pain. Because the medical profession has it wrong, that heel pain is all about body movement or biomechanics.

WARNING: you’ll be asked if you want to sign up for my newsletter, but that is entirely optional. The book is free either way. All feedback would be great.

My training course, which only takes a few minutes per day, was built on a life-time of sports and over three decades of body-awareness training.

It’s free to the first 10 takers, after that it’s available for a few bucks on Amazon at this link.

Beautiful early morning bike ride, on our standard 32-mile loop today – proprioceptive intelligence can get you out there, safely (as long as you keep an eye on your mirror).

Body-awareness or proprioceptive intelligence is critical for avoiding injuries in sports, or just going around your regular day. It is REALLY important as you age. Hell, I’m 76 and still moving.

Wishing you happy trails, and for those with so-called plantar fasciitis, I wish you happy feet.


kev aka FitOldDog

ironman with vascular disease, three mri scans
Grey is muscle, white is fat, clear ring around the central white spot (bone marrow) is the femoral bone. Should be on every doctors office wall.

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