Injured Muscle Or Corrupted SQL Database It’s All An Opportunity To Reflect


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Into the bowels of GoDaddy hosting software. From:

Into the bowels of GoDaddy hosting software

Running a blog is sometimes like running, you mess up. Then you have to patiently fix whatever you have damaged, be it your soleus or a corrupted database. Whilst struggling to set up my forum software, which the vendors said would be straightforward and ‘seamless,’ I managed to corrupt my SQL database. I went off to the hosting support phone line and the guy on the line at GoDaddy was very helpful, until we reached a point where it was clear that my database was corrupted. At that point, he said, “Well, I’m not too comfortable here, maybe you need to find someone familiar with database structure. However, I can send you instructions on how to do it, and then you can take if from there.” You can imagine how confident I as feeling at that point, but I finally used his instruction sheet that came in the mail, restored the database, and here I am, back on line.

It occurred to me that this is a great metaphor for training injuries. You go to the doctor or physical therapist or whatever, receive their instructions, and home you go and it’s up to you. That is way body awareness is key to safe exercise for better health. You have to ‘take if from there,’ and fix it yourself, or hire an expert and wait for them and hope that they know what they are doing. If I’d done that I’d still be waiting and I most certainly would not be writing this blog post. Take charge of your own body, seek advice as appropriate, but then fix it before moving on with your life, be it database of muscle strain.

While you are enjoying this forced hiatus from blogging or training, use it to reflect on whether you are going in the right direction, consider course changes, and take advantage of the break from routine.

That said, I plan to seek expert assistance with my forum software, because now I know my limitations.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Workout PLAN: COACH Chris Hauth
move  Run 0:55:00 easy recovery week run

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