Introductory Video Lesson On Yoga Toes From FitOldDog’s Continuum And Dance Teacher For An Endurance Athlete


Hi folks,

I recently published a blog post about the effect of Continuum training and yoga toes on the health of my feet and my shoe size. This generated some interest from Pauline, an endurance athlete who introduced me to the AAA Facebook Page, of which she was one of the creators. As the real key to the use of yoga toes is how they are applied, which requires some training, I asked Rebecca, my Continuum and Dance teacher if she would kindly prepare a short training video for Pauline, and here it is:

This is just an introduction to yoga toes. Try learning to use them whilst doing calf raises (correctly), balancing on a roller, then on a roller with one foot, then balancing on a roller not staring at the wall but moving your eyes and limbs freely. There is still plenty for FitOldDog to learn yet before he’ll be dancing lightly and freely on the Ironman race course.

Continuum, Feldenkrais, and other approaches to improved body awareness, should certainly be a part of any program of safe exercise for better health, as they improve posture, balance, flexibility, biomechanical efficiency, and your general attitude to your body as an endurance athlete.

The real trick is to find the right teachers and coaches, and then to do your homework.

-k @FitOldDog


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