Ironman Camping: Black Bananas Are Ripe Bananas To Be Sautéed In Butter

FitOldDog camps on the way to the Maryland Ironman, 2014.

Camping in CampTown on the way to the Maryland Ironman, 2014. Photo by FitOldDog.

FitOldDog's bike in his Matrix.

I prefer to camp with my truck, but this time I’m using the Matrix. A little tight, but quite effective, and it uses much less gas – though I feel less secure on the Interstate. Photo by FitOldDog.

Ironman camping and cooking have become a way of life for me, especially the cooking part. There was a man I never really knew, his name was Harry Morgan, and he gave me two gifts that I know of, my name and insights into the cooking of bananas. During our only conversation that I remember, he showed me how black bananas are actually ripe and sweet, and that they they will split into three parts, long-wise, as you cook them – delicious. Whilst camping on my way to the Maryland Ironman, today, I decided it was time to cook my black bananas, and eat them for breakfast with heavy (healthy) whipping cream.

People in America, and in the UK for that matter, eat their bananas raw, solid and white, whereas in reality they become more delicious and sweet as the skin blackens. Of course, you have to cook them before they turn to cloying, dulcet mush. I prefer to fry mine in pasture butter.

FitOldDog cooking bananas.

FitOldDog cooks his bananas in butter.

So, here I am, camping in Virginia, at CampTown, cooking my breakfast, on my way to the Maryland Ironman, barely recovered from the ministrations of an Osteopath (weird things happen after that, with pains where you never had them before, especially after exercise, and exercise I must – good pains).

What could be better than Ironman camping.

Happy Trails.



  1. “..this time I’m using the Matrix.” Of course you are! There is no [inedible banana] 🙂 Have a great time in MD and can’t wait to hear how you do.

    • HI Gary, I still laugh at, “There is no stent.” The matrix sure uses less gas than the Chevy. Don’t expect too much from this race, as I’ll be lucky to finish. Odd the effect of the Osteopath, straightening my pelvis. Freed me up and created aches and pains in odd places, even my right shoulder. Fascinating. My plan: to enjoy a lovely swim, cruise along on my bike with a steady wattage, and do my best to finish the run, which will be a run/walk or a walk/run, depending on body and mind. Hope you are well, and it nice to hear from you. Cheers, kevin PS I still do those great 90 second stretches.

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