It Would Appear That Rigid AAA-Stent Grafts Can Induce Life-Threatening Hypertension Which Is Correctable


Hi folks,

This is a follow-up to previous posts on my stent-induced hypertension, as new data have come in – another case. This is a potentially critical aspect of AAA-stent graft placement, which can be life saving, but a BP of 220/120 could also be life threatening. In my case, the hypertension was corrected by a combination of an ACE inhibitor (10 mg Lisinopril) and exercise. Several cardiologists failed to show any interest in my exercise data and also failed to acknowledge that the stent may have been responsible. I was convinced that they were in error and that steps should be taken to prepare for this eventuality, which is correctable. I will now copy here the relevant comment placed on my blog this weekend along with my follow-up response:

Concerned Daughter says:

My mother had the Endurant Stent by Medtronic placed for her AAA in January of this year. Prior to surgery, she always maintained a good, healthy BP most often on the lower end of normal. After the stent placement, her blood pressure has topped out around 220/118. She was hospitalized about 4 weeks post-op for stroke like symptoms (slurred speech, confusion, severe headache, etc..). She was placed on BP meds and now averages a BP of 165/90 or so. She still continues to have headaches on occasion and was most recently hospitalized for chest pain and shortness of breath. Heart tests checked out ok…but they still have not done an MRI (or CT -not sure which test they use) to check the placement of the stent. She now was found to have
blocked carotids but surgery has been postponed due to the issues with her BP. Our family is 110% convinced that her issues with high blood pressure are directly related to the placement of the stent, however the doctors are reluctant to agree. We were told of all the risk and benefits to the stent rather than open surgery, but were never told that this could cause high blood pressure. Would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced this….Thank You!

Kevin Morgan says:

Hi! Concerned Daughter,

Thanks so much for this information on your Mom, as her situation exactly parallels mine, including the highest post-stent BP (220/120) and the degree of diminution of BP with meds to the 160/90 range. Mine was further corrected by consistent training at a fairly high level, which brought my BP to normal or highish normal. I also had no pre-stent history of hypertension, in spite of regular annual health screening. I posted my AAA-stent induced hypertension information on this blog previously. We now, I think, have sufficient evidence to suggest that AAA-stent grafts can induce hypertension, which should be investigated further, and certainly should be prepared for before surgery, and addressed after surgery by regular BP checks. I will inform Medtronic and Cook of this issue. Thanks so much, and I’ll keep you posted as to their response.
I am grateful for my stent, which most certainly saved my life, as my AAA was about 7 cm in diameter, and one look at the CT convinced me to get this treatment ASAP. I think that in my case it was life saving. I failed to convince three cardiologists that my stent had induced the hypertension. The potential for effects on BP make total sense if you think about the underlying fluid mechanics and the related regulatory circuitry, plus the evidence from the laboratory in Limerick (see cited article in my previous posts!).

Very much appreciated, and best wishes to you and your Mom!

Kevin Morgan

This communication came about as a result of networking via the Chez Ollie. I’ll pass this message along to Cook and Chez Ollie, the two manufacturers of which I am aware.

Thanks again ‘concerned daughter.’

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. Hi folks,
    Medtronic and Cook failed to have the good manners to respond to my communications about the stent-induced hypertension, though there was plenty of evidence from Google Analytics that they were watching me closely via the internet, probably via a legal department at Medtronic, following my Adverse Event Report to the FDA (I wanted them to report it as it would be better PR and I love my stent) – it is amazing what you can track down via the Internet. Furthermore, five (5) cardiologists have told me that I must have had hypertension before my life-saving AAA-stent placement, even though approximately 40 annual physical examinations failed to detect such a state.
    Nothing like a closed mind to piss one off.
    -k @FitOldDog

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