I Will Sorely Miss Kurt Kahl Ironman

kurt kahl Ironman
Kurt (right) with the author. He was always supportive, enthusiastic, and he loved the Ironman. It was always a delight to see him and his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Liz kindly informed me that Kurt died recently. It’s a sad day, I will truly miss him.

This guy was delightful. Full of joy and happiness, and like all of us “old timers,” at the back of the pack, where you meet the nicest people.

But Ironman was in his blood. For us, it’s a way of life! I can’t imagine stopping, any more than I imagine Kurt could.

He was an inspiration, and let’s face it, we all need encouragement. We need role models. And Kurt was that for me. Furthermore, Liz was always there, supporting Kurt, at these events. These are tough races, but I know from my support groups in the past, that being a spectator is no easy task, either.

Rest in peace, Kurt. You most certainly earned it.


Kurt Kahl Ironman
Kurt and Elizabeth Kahl, when I met them at one of the Ironman races.


  1. Bill Hall says

    Sorry about your friend Kev.

    On another note, who is a good respiratory pathologist for a peer review?

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