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Book by Tom Myers Anatomy Trains goodreads

What a great book and videos – a must for anyone interested in sports injury and repair – you’ll never think about stretching, rollers or massage in the same way ever again.

I have found that self-applied myofascial massage, through the use of rollers and instruction from a skilled dance and Continuum instructor, Rebecca, has markedly improved my athletics and reduced the almost inevitable pain associated with endurance training as an older athlete (or a younger one for that matter). A form of this technique is finally being marketed effectively to people of all ages via the MELT Method program.

For many years, myofascial massage has been promoted scientifically in considerable detail by Tom Meyers, in his videos and the associated book, “Anatomy Trains.” More recently, the concept and value of self-applied myofascial massage using rollers has been promoted widely, and very effectively, as the MELT Method. In effect, when you release tight fascia and/or muscles (myofascia) using rollers, or your hands, the tightness literally melts away. The best example of this, in my experience, is releasing the psoas hip flexor with your thumb. It’s almost magical.

LPIM Finish 2011 For Viddler

Click image to see FitOldDog’s relaxed running style after this 140.6 mile race, due to body awareness training combined with great coaching. Now 70 years old and getting better all the time.

The next trick is to prevent the tightness from returning through improved body awareness and movement training, such as The Feldenkrais Method or Continuum. Rebecca and I introduced our approaches to this training in our Body Awareness Video Series. These videos have much to offer, especially for older people, by focusing on the key issues of posture and balance. Combine this with subjects addressed regularly in this blog, and associated links, related to improved athletic skills, and you will eventually float along effortlessly as you walk or run, delaying the time that you ‘move about like an old person.’

For heaven’s sake, you older folks, retirees, and boomers, you don’t need to become bent and immobile before your time. Find something that works, be it Mall Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Our Videos, MELT, or whatever, and do it!

Wishing you a long, healthy and mobile life,

Kevin aka FitOldDog


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