Self-Induced Misalignment, A Threat To Active Healthy Aging!

Self-Induced Misalignment Can Be Prevented

They Are Correctable Asymmetries

misalignment body asymmetries can be prevented and corrected.

I look comfortable, with my backpack over my left shoulder, but I’m not. It feels really odd. Time to fix that potential for self-induced misalignment. Photo by Andi!

Misalignments of your body, can lead to serious problems, including, of course, plantar fasciitis. Let’s take a break from that, shall we. Many such misalignments are self-induced, by repetitive behaviors.

My tight hips were a good example, of

correctable self-induced misalignment or asymmetry!


I thought about self-induced misalignments, while writing my ‘manual’ on body meditation. It is one of the things you can fix, before it leads to trouble. But you have to spot it, before the pain begins, preferably.

I was reminded of misalignment, more recently, by a tingling sensation in my right thumb. “What’s that?” I thought. Bulging disc in my neck? Didn’t seem right! Lean on my elbows, there it was. Move my neck all over the place, nothing. Then I realized, I’ve been increasing my bike and swim distances dramatically, in preparation for my next race.

Muscle strain, leads to tension, leads to pressure on certain nerves – think sciatica and the piriformis muscle. I asked a friend, Stacey, skilled in human Neurology, and she said, “Radial nerve!”

Solution? Neck surgery? Nope! Massage, shoulder work, back off on the training a little, stop carrying my backpack on my right shoulder all the time.

I noticed the tingling was especially bad, when I carried my backpack. Then I thought, “I always carry it on my right shoulder! Stop that!” So I did!

Sure felt weird on my left shoulder. After a few days, it feels normal, and the thumb tingling is going away.

If it doesn’t go away completely? X-rays! You can always be wrong, remember that!

Wishing you happy trails.



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