Musings Of A Neophyte Social Networker And Must Read Book Series, Everlost


Hi folks,

Twitter is a strange world that it takes time to negotiate. I have found that this networking tool can direct a lot of traffic your way, or not, depending how you use it. There is a mountain of advice out there on the use of Twitter, but the three things that I have learned so far, that might be important, are:

  1. Don’t just automate your tweets through your blog and/or Twuffer (or similar), which works really well. Actually be involved, and ‘talk’ to people who will then direct you to some useful stuff.
  2. Don’t just follow people because they follow you. This isn’t about traffic, it is about quality traffic that relates to your goal. If you just follow anyone, your Twitter traffic will grow but you won’t be able to follow links of interest as they’ll be buried in noise. If you think that it is necessary to follow everyone who follows you in order to boost your traffic, just take a look at the statistics for @ThisIsSethsBlog.
  3. If you use ‘free’ software, contribute something. Even $20 goes a long way to help and I know that it is appreciated.

More on this later, but I wanted to tell you about the latest book series that I have almost finished, Everlost/Everwild/Everfound. These books become better and better as you read along, and they encourage you to think about other realms than the ‘obvious.’ Give them a try!

Happy tweeting and watch out for those ghosts in Everlost!

-k Your Medical Mind

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