Nature’s Beauty Is A Great Equalizer

A complete rainbow

Haven’t seen a complete rainbow in years. Photo by FitOldDog (and a little Photoshop).

Nature’s beauty, in the form of a complete rainbow, brought a bunch of strangers together. I was climbing out of my car today, to go into a food store, and I noticed people, all sorts and races of people, staring at the sky, and there was a complete rainbow. The group included Chinese, Hispanic, African American, unidentifiable (by me), and me (Caucasian). They were all excited, taking photos (I couldn’t get the whole thing into my iPhone as a single photo, but I did the best I could with Photoshop). It was fascinating to see how this remarkable piece of Physics brought everyone together, chatting excitedly. Normally they would be giving each other guarded glances. Everyone’s guard was down. I wasn’t Whitey, I was just another admirer of the rainbow.

It was really neat.

I guess it takes such a thing of beauty, or an attack by Martians, to bring us all together to forget our minor differences.


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