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I finally prepared my first product, a guide to aortic surgery recovery based on personal experience. Then I stepped gingerly into the world of marketing by studying books on the subject and testing alternative keywords as bait for my target audience, such as guidance on life after hospitalizationgetting your life back on track after surgery, nurses helping patients going home, surgery rehabilitation, and reclaim your life after vascular surgery, in spite of which traffic is still very slow. But I’m learning, and isn’t that what counts in life? For instance, I now understand that marketing and sales are not the same thing. Here is a wonderful example of great marketing that leads into knock’em down dead sales, by a famous musician, Grimes Posnikov. The narrative below was extracted from a ‘eulogy’ in the San Francisco Chronicle, published a few days after Mr. Posnikov’s unfortunate demise.

Grimes Poznikov, The Human Jukebox, San Francisco,

The Human Jukebox, populated by one Grimes Poznikov, a tour de force in marketing and sales.

“Mr. Poznikov would sit at Fisherman’s Wharf near the cable car turnaround in a painted refrigerator box. On one side of the box were dozens of little tabs cut into the cardboard, each with a song title written on it. On the other side of the box was a slot for dropping in money, and on the front of the box was a lid operated by a pulley from the inside.

Tourists would push in a song tab, drop in money, and the lid flipped open to reveal Mr. Poznikov in a fedora hat and tie. He’d reel off the song on trumpet, kazoo or any of a half-dozen other instruments he kept in the box.

The quality of the song depended on how much cash was dropped in the slot. A reporter selected “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” one hot summer day in 1976, slid in a dime, and got one quick kazoo blast. The reporter then tossed in $2, and when the performance lid flipped open Mr. Poznikov blew a soulful, pitch-perfect version of the same song on trumpet, fetching cheers from the crowd of 40 people gathered around.

FitOldDog could learn a thing or two about marketing and sales by considering the exploits of Grimes Poznikov and his Human Jukebox. He brought them in, closed the deal, and didn’t take any crap in the process.

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  1. I think it was Benjamine Franklin who said “…make the perfect mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door…”

    I think also it was Benjamine Franklin who never sold a single mouse trap in his life.

    On another topic, after spinal surgery, I found myself essentially alone with a couple of leaflets and a 10 minute session with a physio and was ginen a few exercises that proved ineffective. I had to search the web.
    I guess rehabilitation is just not an attractive medical calling.

  2. Okay, what is a QSG? I never remember alphabet soup…

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