Jack Heggie And Nociceptive Foot Pain Mind Control: Think Away Your ‘Plantar Fasciitis’

Nociceptive Foot Pain Mind Control Works

Nociceptive foot pain mind control

Great ride today, with Maya and Sue.

You may be able to think your so-called plantar fasciitis away!

Think of that! That’ll save you a bundle of $$$

nociceptive foot pain mind control

Rule #4: Break through those filtering memes of your mind (and society), and listen to your feet to stay in touch with your body and mother Earth. From: Plantar Fasciitis Has The Wrong Name.

For someone with aortic disease, and peripheral vascular disease-induced calf claudication, I had a good day.

  1. 2.5-mile trail run with Willbe, our yellow lab (early morning).
  2. 35-mile bike ride, hitting the hills pretty hard (mid-morning).
  3. 2.5-mile trail run, with a rather tired but happy Willbe (evening).

I’m a researcher at heart. Always have been. Everything I do seems to be a chance for some kind of investigation. It just happens. Today, two things coalesced into a fascinating observation. I’ll try to keep it brief, as bullets:

  • On hitting some hills pretty hard on the bike, I noticed that old burning, so-called plantar fasciitis, pain in areas 7 and 8 of my left foot.
  • I thought, Aha!, tight piriformis and lateral gluts, need to relax them.
  • Remembering Jack Heggie’s remarkable book on running – he demonstrated that imagining doing a thing with your body can have the same effect as actually doing it (about halfway through the 30 Feldenkrais-based exercises).
  • So, I imagined relaxing my left lateral gluts and piriformis muscles. Yep, riding the bike, at about 18 mph, on country roads, thinking these thoughts.

    nociceptive foot pain mind control

    Best running book I ever read. Got me to Boston, with the help of Danny Dreyer (a gentle kind man) and Chris Hauth (extremely disciplined to the point of scary, but he’ll get you there).

  • It worked – I could feel those muscles relax, and the burning sensation in my left foot faded in moments – and yes, it was hurting like crap, and I was glad to see it gone.

That’s the power of Jack Heggie’s book, and the power of the mind over your body.

Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself.

Never stop questioning the obvious, my friends, and whatever you do, aortic disease or no aortic disease, stay in shape.

The real trick is to work out what you can do, and do that and enjoy it to the full.

Oh Yes!

IMPORTANT CONCLUSION: You may actually be able to think your ‘so-called plantar fasciitis‘ (aka Nociceptive Foot Pain) away. Bet some people will love me saying that!

Don’t forget to ask your doctor to put up this picture on their office wall for their patients, please.

kev aka FitOldDog

nociceptive foot pain mind control

Grey is muscle, white is fat, clear ring around the central white spot (bone marrow) is the femoral bone.


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