Useful Links For Health Challenged Athletes

Hi! Folks, Whilst building my business website, 'Old Dogs in Training,' it became apparent that a list of links, including books and websites that address specific health challenges for older male athletes, might be of value to my potential clients (older guys who want to get in shape safely). As I couldn't work out how to make a sub-page link in my GoDaddy Website Tonight site, I thought 'why not link it to my ... Read more

Our Social Networks Like Our Gene Networks Can Determine Who We Are And How We Live Our Lives

  Hi Folks! They say that it is not what you know but who you know. As Albus Dumbledore said to Harry Potter, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." These are two instances in which networks play a major role. The first requiring social networks. The second being an expression of the behavior of highly integrated sets of biological networks, including social ... Read more

Genetic Testing For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm? Becoming Promising!

Hi Folks! If you have AAA in your family should you carry out genetic testing to assess such a risk for your children? This is an interesting and complex issue. There are testing programs available. For instance, the Berkeley HeartLab provides information on screening for "sequence variants within the 9p21 locus of chromosome 9," along with information on its relevance to AAA. There is clearly a need for continued ... Read more

Sensitivity Analysis Through String Meditation – A Visit To The Dentist!

  Hi Folks! A while ago I was listening to National Public Radio during an interview with a woman living in Iraq who experienced ill treatment (to put it mildly) from the regime in charge at the time. This woman said that if she or her friends knew that they had to go to the 'police station,' which they would avoid at all cost, before going they would practice having to deal with pain by burning their arms ... Read more

Barefoot Running Experience – Back In Shoes With Arch Supports, For Now At Least

  Hi Folks! I started barefoot running about a year ago, mainly on the beach or grass, with some time spent on the roads. I tried the Vibram shoes and could not enjoy using them, however much I tried. I then decided to use Nike Free shoes on the road, but with a barefoot style of foot mechanics. My barefoot training led to plantar fasciitis with chronic heel and calf pain. It would appear that I am not ... Read more

Why I Wear Nose Clips In The Pool, And Its Not Too Late To Sign Up For The FastForward Triathlon Camp

Hi! Folks, Ever heard of Chez Ollie? Years ago I noticed that I was reacting to swimming pools by sneezing and sneezing for an hour or two after leaving the pool. It felt like any other upper respiratory allergic reaction. The pool is loaded with chlorine, a powerful oxidizing agent, so who knows what it might do to your nose. It certainly dries out our hair and skin, and it irritates our eyes. A friend ... Read more

Sleep Is Really Important, But I Still Love My Dog. Plus Some More AAA-Stent-Induced Hypertension Data!

Hi! Folks, I haven't been able to think straight for a week or two due to my old dog Nickel. She is about 18 years old, blind and deaf, and she now has the lovely habit of barking off and on all night. I had about four hours sleep in the last four days. This makes writing my posts almost impossible, as my mind is all of a fuzz! Some friends say 'put the dog down.' Some say you have to do something, but they don't ... Read more

AAA And Blood Pressure, The Plot Thickens, And Don’t Forget To Use Your Butt

Hi! Folks, My son Nick just sent me a link to an excellent article by Susan McClure concerning abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) and hypertension, published at the blog site. This report, which is very well written, interested me a great deal as I have dangerously high post-stent hypertension. I showed no signs of high blood pressure before I received my life-saving Cook, Zenith stent. There is good ... Read more

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