Orthotics, Symmetry, And Tim Ferris Has Done It Again!

Hi! Folks, Recently, my friend and biking partner Rory Conolly sent me the following link concerning the question, "are shoe orthotics a good idea?" It is well worth a read! I have often wondered about this issue, especially since reading 'Born to Run.' I was wearing 'spring-loaded' shoe-insert orthotics at the time, which I believe were prescribed with all good intentions, but I suspect that the strong arch ... Read more

The Power Of The Mind: A Critical Aspect Of Endurance Training

Hi! Folks, Life is a funny thing, and if someone tells you they know what is going on, don't listen, no-one does. It is just too interesting for us wandering tube creatures to work it out, but we are having a lot of fun trying. Basically, it would appear, we look 'out there' through our senses from conception onwards (and maybe before that  - just consider DNA-methylation patterns?), take in data, build a map of ... Read more

Book Review – The Masters Athlete by Peter Reaburn

Hi! Folks, I am in the process of consolidating my 'training library,' and it occurred to me that some book reviews might be of interest. I decided to start with a book by Peter Reaburn because it is an excellent source of reference material and Peter seems to be a really nice guy based on our brief e-conversations. "The Masters Athlete, Improve Your Performance, Improve Your Fitness, Improve Your Life" Peter ... Read more

Painting The Fence Joe Friel Style For Great Endurance Training Advice

Painting The Fence Joe Friel Style For Great Endurance Training Advice

The best exercise tip I ever received was from Joe Friel. I suspect that Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid (loved that movie!) got it both right and wrong when it came to endurance training. RIGHT: Make your sport part of your life and your life part of your sport. WRONG: Too much too soon, as he should have shown 'The Karate Kid' how to pace his painting so as to enjoy rather than suffer the exercise. I think ... Read more

Styrofoam Athlete – Joe Friel’s Metaphor (A Good One!)

  Hi! Folks, Today I got my weekly call from my youngest son, Nigel, who is a real athlete. Nigel was number 96 overall in Hawaii in 1999. Now, after years of training I have come to really appreciate Nigel's achievement that year. Today we were chatting about Ironman training as usual, and he mentioned a comment by Joe Friel in the second edition of his great book, 'Going Long.' Joe Friel said, ... Read more

The Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Quiz

Hi! Folks, Please pass this AAA quiz along to people you know, as it might just be important for you or someone that you know. It was only through self-awareness and some luck that I found my AAA, and now I have my stent and I am back in training as opposed to dead (I hate it when that happens!). If you run this little quiz you get a report of your estimated risk: My risk was fairly low, considering, but my ... Read more

Pain, The Endurance Athlete’s Friend. Good pain. Bad Pain. Psychological Pain.

Hi! Folks, Understanding your pain is a critical component of safe training for endurance athletes. You have to learn to tell the difference between 'good pain' and 'bad pain.' Good pain means that you are pushing your limits and becoming a stronger athlete, both physically and mentally. Bad pain means injury, and when you feel that bad pain it is probably too late. You can at least have the good sense to stop and ... Read more

Technology and Epistemology: Television is the Enemy of Fitness!

  Hi! Folks, It is a fact that television is an anathema to me! I developed this severe antipathy about 25 years ago, and it has been growing ever since. I now see televisions everywhere I go, and where do we need them least? In restaurants and gyms. In restaurants they interfere with normal conversation, impairing communication, and for me the enjoyment of dining out. In the gym it is worse. The whole ... Read more

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