Getting Back in Training With An AAA-Stent Graft

Back In Training With An Abdominal Aortic (AAA) Stent Graft 2010 Yes! FitOldDog Was In A Funk All Those Years Ago I Got Over It, And You Can Too! Here is my very first WordPress post, after my first AAA endovascular surgery, with a few minor edits, for clarity! Hi! Folks (well, just me, mainly), Finally getting over my stent-funk and starting to train. Always worry about causing metal fatigue [Yes! There is ... Read more

Filling the Void Thanks to Tim Ferriss and the 4HWW

Hi! Again, More references to the Four Hour Work Week (4HWW) - filling the void. I have watched my eldest son, Nick, build a wonderful family, an excellent career, and now a great new e-tee-shirt-business. Nick also introduced me to the 4HWW by Tim Ferriss. How did I manage before I had a virtual assistant, which I never would have without Tim? Thanks Tim. You are on my list of people to contact, per your ... Read more

“A Man Has To Know His Limitations”

Remember Dirty Harry Not my favorite character, but it's true, "A man has to know his limitations." If you exceed your limitations as an athlete, injury is on the way. Especially if you are preparing for aging, because each injury leaves weak mark on your body - it's never quite the same! In order to maximize your performance, you have to approach your physical and mental limits, but not exceed them. But ... Read more, The Need for an AAA-Stent Community, Family and Back In Training

Hi! Folks, As I attempt to develop a community or forum for people with AAA-stents, I am encountering some very valuable resources, associated with which are kind and helpful people. For instance,, which I incorrectly referred to as in my previous post. Apologies to Burt, who has made a very relevant movie - I'll tell you about it once it arrives in my mailbox and I get to watch it ... Read more

Feldenkrais, Chia, and Extending Your Life, Thanks To Chris McDougall

Hi folks, (especially fellow AAA-stent owners, if I ever find any!), Tip for the day - one cup of chia (table spoon in cup of water) with Maple Syrup to taste goes down great just before and early morning swim. Doesn't sit on your stomach and you don't feel too hungry when you come out of the water (but you still want to eat, of course). Now I am eating a couple of tamales to finish off my breakfast. Really like ... Read more

Adjusting to Barefoot Running Without Hurting Yourself – What is working for me!

Hi! Folks, Learned a neat trick yesterday. As I increase my barefoot running technique, which I do either barefoot or with Nike Free shoes (Yes! It can be done, but you have to think barefoot or those shoes will suck you into your old way of running!), I find that my calves are having to adjust to the load in several new places. Here is the trick I used yesterday for a seven mile trail run - once I felt any ... Read more

Guarding, Feldenkrais, Triathlon Training, AAA-Stents and Origami

  Hi folks, Tip for the day: find what your neuromuscular system is guarding unnecessarily, as it can kill your training and will certainly slow you down. Book for the day: "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. (all about quality of life, right!). Still a great book! Links for the day: Did you know that Origami played a big role in the design of your endovascular AAA-stent graft. ... Read more

Having a Stent is Both Frightening and Enlightening; Endurance Training Ideal for the Stented

Hi folks, My girlfriend/partner, Deb, has an autistic son, Rory, which can be challenging. Deb always says that Rory has brought many more positive than negative things into her life, especially in the form of wonderful and supportive people. I have always been surprised by such a positive attitude to what seems like such a difficult, and sometimes sad, turn of events. Now that I have experienced a truly ... Read more

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