Travel Training Kit – Simplicity Is The Key

  Hi! Folks, I like to travel light. In fact, I travel so light that I get pulled out of the security line in airports because they just don't believe that I can travel around Europe for weeks with just a small, not overly-full backpack. This new computer, MacBook Air makes it even smaller. Happened again as I was leaving Paris CDG a few days ago. I say the same thing each time: "Look around at these ... Read more

Great Running Book By Earl W. Fee

Hi! Folks, I have been reading a truly excellent book on running that covers all aspects of training, and it includes lots of useful stuff for other sports (thanks for telling me about it, Pauline!). Highly recommended reading for triathletes, in my opinion! Here are some of the things I like so far: Excellent introduction to the biochemistry of energetics as it relates to running. Early focus in the ... Read more

Response to Matthew: Blisters and Toughening Your Feet

  Hi! Matthew, Thanks for the comment on barefoot running. I have found, as you have I am sure, that there are many advantages to the incorporation of barefoot running into my training regimen, including toughening my feet. I was glad to hear that the Australian runners you work with also take it seriously. For me, the main advantage has been strengthening my feet and ankles, especially the musculoskeletal ... Read more

Pre- And Post-AAA-Stent Fears, And Looking On The Bright Side

Hi! Folks, I am reading a most interesting book, 'The Rational Optimist' by Matt Ridley. As the title indicates, this work focuses on optimism, but it covers a wide range of topics, including the impact of technology and innovation on our well being. Who could be more aware of this issue than people with an abdominal aortic aneurysm? Our life expectancy and general happiness have been immeasurably improved by the ... Read more

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, Even The Flu (As Long as You Survive!)

Hi! Folks, Well! I caught a mild flu the other day, and we all know what fun that is. But how do we get something positive out of the flu when we are on a training schedule? Firstly, forget the schedule! Secondly, see what you can learn! One thing I noticed whilst lying in bed with the flu years ago was that the muscular aches and pains aren't distributed randomly. They are generally worse in muscles that have ... Read more

Training Whilst Traveling: Interesting In-Flight Story, A Beach, A Hill, and No Excuses

Hi! Folks, Training whilst traveling can be quite a challenge sometimes, but you have to do it if you want to 'stay in the race.' I was doing my usual in-flight workout and stretching (or should I say lengthening?) routine on a trip from the US to Paris when a flight attendant first asked me if I was unwell (mid-pigeon stretch, flat on the floor!) and, once assured of my good health, then proceeded to tell me an ... Read more

Orthotics, Symmetry, And Tim Ferris Has Done It Again!

Hi! Folks, Recently, my friend and biking partner Rory Conolly sent me the following link concerning the question, "are shoe orthotics a good idea?" It is well worth a read! I have often wondered about this issue, especially since reading 'Born to Run.' I was wearing 'spring-loaded' shoe-insert orthotics at the time, which I believe were prescribed with all good intentions, but I suspect that the strong arch ... Read more

The Power Of The Mind: A Critical Aspect Of Endurance Training

Hi! Folks, Life is a funny thing, and if someone tells you they know what is going on, don't listen, no-one does. It is just too interesting for us wandering tube creatures to work it out, but we are having a lot of fun trying. Basically, it would appear, we look 'out there' through our senses from conception onwards (and maybe before that  - just consider DNA-methylation patterns?), take in data, build a map of ... Read more

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