Free Pain eBook as a 75th Birthday Gift For My Kind Followers


pain ebook

Just click the image to go to Amazon. FREE offer only available on June 29th (75 years old – how did that happen?).

How to Interpret, and Cure Your Pain.

Pain eBook as a birthday gift to you, on June 29th, 2018.

Mark your calendars.

A good life is more about giving than receiving.
This FitOldDog turns 75 years young, on Friday, June 29th. I thought it would be nice to give away free copies of my latest ebook, Pain, Good Friend, Bad Master, on my birthday. It will be available for download, for zero charge, on Amazon (if I set up the promotion correctly!), all day, June 29th. If it doesn’t work, I’ll make it happen, so let me know.
It’s easy to read on a reader, or on your smart phone (with the Kindle App).
Tales of pain, from injuries to love-sickness, and how to deal with it.
  • Learn about good pain and bad pain.
  • When you do need pain killers, and when they are a really bad idea?
  • How to handle an aching heart.
  • Learn to find where your pain comes from, as opposed to where you feel it.
Wishing you happy trails,

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