Plantar Fasciitis Hip Stretch Or A Tennis Ball For Pain In Area 4

Plantar Fasciitis Hip Stretch?

Plantar fasciitis hip stretch for pain in area 4 of FitOldDog's plantar fasciitis distribution map

FitOldDog’s Plantar Fasciitis Distribution Map.

Sure! There’s more to plantar fasciitis than heel pain!

My second plantar fasciitis case was a tough one to solve. It went like this:

plantar fasciitis hip stretch.

The trick to the plantar fasciitis hip stretch, is to stick out your butt sideways. Then push into those tight spots, deep in your hips. Follow up with tennis ball, later in the day. Photo by Deb.

Bike wreck at World’s Half Ironman Championships in Las Vegas – these things happen,

-> Sub-luxated (mild dislocation) my pelvis, but I didn’t know it.

-> Out of alignment (think wear on one side of your car tires) for over a year.

-> Re-aligned by Osteopath, who warned me it would take a while to get the soft tissues back to normal.

-> Muscles shortened on left, stretched on right.

-> Worked to fix my run, not knowing any of this.

-> Couldn’t run, due to my ‘zig zag’ pain, and had a horrible 2014 Ironman season.

-> Put arch supports (arch crutches?) back in my running shoes, to rest my right arch, and had a short run.

-> Excruciating plantar fasciitis foot pain in multiple sites, including area 4, the next day.

-> Eventually fixed it with our body-movement method, but still having tight right calf and left hip.

-> Dry needling fixed left glut minimus, and helped right calf.

plantar fasciitis hip stretch working: FitOldDog enjoys his herbs and thinks about ITBS

Now we’ll see how all this work, with the plantar fasciitis hip stretch, is working at the 2016, Raleigh Half Ironman on June 5th. And maybe the tee shirt will do some good, who knows. Never give up! Photo by Jamie!

-> Still having mild discomfort in area 4 of right foot during first mile of every run – 2 years after the bike wreck!

-> Tracked foot area 4 discomfort to tight right calf.

-> Tight right calf tracked to tight right hip rotators and lateral gluts.

-> Fixing tight lateral hip with my favorite stick out your butt stretch and tennis ball.

My run is now coming along, nicely, in preparation for my next triathlon.

Patience and careful investigation are critical for older athletes.

Sometimes you need a plantar fasciitis treatment detective.

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails.



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