Safe Exercise For An Old Dog Learning New Tricks

FitOldDog walking Rex; safe exercise for old dog learning new tricks.

Rex is so calm after his training. I even enjoyed a one-minute meditation, during our walk. He just sat patiently. Good dog, Rex!

This blog is all about safe exercise for an old dog.

Our friends have an affectionate, big, strong and difficult dog. Rex! Not that old. Not a pup, either. Then they hired a trainer. Apparently, he was really good at his job. It turns out that his training methods were working. Or so I was told. I had my doubts, when it came to Rex.

safe exercise for an old dog learning new tricks. The brain can change, Book by Norman Doidge

If you think it’s too late to change. Think again.

Safe exercise for an old dog! FitOldDog? A walk with Rex! I wondered how it would go!

It’s hard to believe the difference.

My friends recently asked me to take Rex out for a walk. They were overextended with family stuff. No problem! Hell. I’m a vet. I should be able to handle that dog. But I remember him barking at other dogs. Lunging on the leash. Pulling his owners along. I was not so sure. He is a strong dog.

Before I took him out, I remembered their strict instructions about the gentle leader. How to deal with him, if he was too excited, and so forth.

To my amazement, Rex was great. He stuck to my heels. Frequently checking back, by looking me in the eye, to see all was well. He wanted to be sure I was pleased with his behavior. I wasn’t pleased. I was delighted. Upon seeing another dog in a car, he tensed up and prepared to lunge. One word from me, ‘Heel,’ and he calmed right down.

We returned happily to our walk.

It was a treat.

Good dog, Rex!

PS When I got back to their house, I gave him some cheese, out of their fridge. Don’t tell anyone! Dogs love cheese!

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