Share The Road, Share The Garden, Share The Planet For A Good Life!

Photo of greenery during a morning run, by FitOldDog

It really is a beautiful planet. Photo by FitOldDog, during a morning run.

Breakfast modification for vegetarian sharing.

If you want to share the planet kindly, with animals such as pigs and chickens, maybe we should modify our diet – left, the breakfast I was raised on, right, veggie breakfast I had today.

We are lucky to live on this lovely planet, and learning to share the planet is a key part of enjoying our good luck!

I came into my vegetable garden a few days ago, and saw something rush away, out of the corner of my eye. I looked around, and there he was, amongst the beans, keeping as quiet as a mouse.

I found my iPhone (camera), tiptoed around, and finally managed a couple of photos before the interloper hid under my garden shed.

Horror of horrors, for the avid vegetable gardener!

Hidden rabbit in FitOldDog's vegetable garden.

Do you see him? Photo by FitOldDog.

Rabbit in FitOldDog's vegetable gardenBut it wasn’t a mouse, it was a young rabbit. Old enough to survive, but still pretty young. I searched for the hole in the rabbit fence, found it, and blocked it. Boy, it wouldn’t take many rabbits to eat all my produce.

But what to do about my uninvited guest?

Well! I thought! There is enough food to share with one small rabbit, so why not? I set up a water bowl, and being sure he had plenty to eat, left him to it.

It just seemed that he was safer there for now, what with all the dogs and cars in the neighborhood. He’ll find a way out eventually, I’m sure, but for now we’ll share the plants and space. Learning to share in a healthy way seems to be a critical skill for the survival of our own personal ecosystem.

Don’t behave like those pesky grackles, who are taking all the bird seed or throwing it on the ground for the squirrels, but they’ll be moving along soon, so not to worry. It is interesting to note that only two types of birds will challenge the grackles, flickers and cardinals.

Grackles eating all the seed in FitOldDog's bird feeder

Greedy grackles are plundering all the bird seed from our feeder. Photo by FitOldDog, using iPhone telephoto!


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