Sleep Interrupted At 1 am, Hope And Fear Doing Battle, The Cat Arrives

Cat at 1 am.

Cat at 1 am. Not impressed by the flash!

Twitter follower

A random Twitter follower (they turn up more and more) with good thoughts but very odd tweets.

Sleep is important for health, and in my case training, but I awake at 1 am., hope and fear at war in my mind (neocortex and limbic system, presumably). What if this, what if that, … the endless chatter of the mind. I know what’s going on, but it’s so hard to silence the mind sometimes, even if I do meditate on the Now. Then I realize that it’s very hot in the room, so I get up, open the door, careful not to disturb┬áDeb and the dogs, and off I go to make a cup of camomile tea.

But for some reason I continue to think!

There must be countless millions of us in the world doing the same thing. This reminds me of an odd but interesting Twitter follower’s profile that came flying through my computer the other day, which stressed the importance of attitude, rather than circumstances, when it comes to happiness. I liked this, so I placed it here.

Then Cat came by, purring away, so happy, it would appear, to have companionship at this late hour.

A fellow traveler makes all the difference, as does a cup of camomile tea.

Feeling sleepy.

Goodnight Cat!



  1. “There must be countless millions of us in the world doing the same thing”. I’m one of them. Here I am on the computer at 2 a.m. It’s been like this for weeks. Maybe it’s the heat? And the fact that I don’t exercise in the heat so don’t get physically tired?

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