Stay In Shape, Or The Last Laugh’s On You!

Why Stay In Shape?

Why Not?

To stay in shape is a way of life!

stay in shapeIt keeps you young at heart!

It protects you from aging immobility.

I’m headed for the Cleveland Clinic again, but that does not mean I should neglect my workouts.

Traveling sure is fun. Cooking out of the back of the old truck, on my Coleman stove. Yes! You can eat vegan food on the road.

By the way, the older you get, the more you should stretch after a workout. When I say stretch, I really mean lengthen.

Learn to listen to your body (and your friends and family, for that matter) for a better life.

Wishing you happy trails.


stay in shape: sunset in Ohio

Great sunset in Ohio, while cooking on the old Coleman Stove.



  1. Hope you’re well. That’s so true about staying in shape for lifetime.

    • Hi Terry, I’m fine. I do loving traveling, though this trip is to see a surgeon. Small mass in my mediastinum. Probably no big deal, but removal is the best plan of action, probably. We’ll see. It’s all part of the aging process. I’m lucky these surgeons exist. Kind Regards, kev

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