Subtle Movement Training Saves You Pain, Time And Money!

“Dripping water penetrates the stone.”


Consider your options, through Subtle Movement Training!

subtle movement: FitOldDog contemplates the Grand Canyon

Dripping water created streams, that created a river, that created the Grand Canyon.

“Little strokes fell great oak.
Drop by drop the lake drains.
Every little makes a mickle. / Many a little makes a mickle.
Feather by feather birds build their nests.
Large streams from little fountains grow.”

Proverbial Planet

Is It Time For Physical Therapy? “Six to 12 visits [$600-1,200] is enough to cover most diagnoses,” Wilmarth says, “but even one to two can get people going in the right way.” Matt McMillen

Don’t get me wrong, Physical Therapists have helped me a great deal in the past. Boy! Dry needling got me going! Especially with my dislocated left shoulder. This shoulder had further assistance from a well-aimed bottle of beer, from a passing truck, while riding my bike.

Subtle Movement Training, aka Body Meditation

Body Meditation, aka Subtle Movement Training. A truly fascinating area of study.

My approach to professional assistance, with physical challenges, changed dramatically, when Feldenkrais fixed my knee, where everyone else failed. The people who failed included physical therapists, in addition to a sports medicine doctor, with his cortisone injection, an acupuncturist, a couple of chiropractors, and a sports massage therapist.

My Feldenkrais instructor, Karen, applied the observation of subtle movement, to diagnose my problem, which did not originate from my knee.

This led me to study body movement, by watching people. Boy! Human animals could benefit enormously from simply remembering how to walk like children – with their whole body.

I love this stuff. It sure has helped me recover from yet another surgery, recently.

OK! Quick CompuTrainer Ride, off to the gym, and then to carefully mulch my early potatoes with black gold, before a frost hits. Oh! Yes! And walk the dogs – they love that!

Wishing you happy trails.


subtle movement black gold

Black Gold for my early potato crop!


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