An Inspiring Tale About The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet In A Case Of Type I Diabetes

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! If you're a dog, a stick can provide a great deal of pleasure, whereas for the diabetic a stick (injection) can be life saving, but maybe diet modification should also receive a little more attention. Diabetes is a complex condition due to the widespread and critical roles played by the hormone, insulin, in human (and non-human) Biology. After describing my recent forays ... Read more

On NPR’s The People’s Pharmacy I Finally Heard A Cardiologist Talking Sense About The Risks Of Statins: I Got Better Results With Exercise

Hi folks, About 40 years ago, whilst working in my laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, we discovered that I have a fairly extreme form of hyperlipidemia (high blood fat or triglyceride) with a resting level (no treatment) over 2000 mg/dL (extremely high), hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) of over 230 mg/dL (high) and low HDL (high density lipoprotein, so-called 'good' cholesterol, but really an ... Read more

Don’t Forget About Glycemic Index (GI)

  Hi folks, Every now and then I sign up for an RSS feed to my e-mail account, and then forget all about it. One came into my spam account today (which I check carefully before deleting), see below - a little long, but very interesting. First take a look at my little diagram (right), which explains in a simplistic manner the influence of rate of entry of glucose into the blood upon it's final ... Read more

Nutrition Is Simply Complicated

Hi folks, welcome! The bottom line with nutrition is that you have to find out what works for you. Like climate versus weather, nutrition and food are not the same thing. The climate of a region will determine the general trends of the weather each day, but the weather on a particular day is not necessarily indicative of the general state of the weather for a given climate - it can rain in the desert, and ... Read more

Post Number 300: Brief Review Of “Coaching Athletes With Diabetes”

  Hi folks, I just found, via an RSS feed, that there is a series of books or articles available for coaches dealing with athletes who have special requirements, such as those with hernias or those undertaking religious fasting. These potentially valuable books are available at Peak Performance Online, so I purchased a copy of "Coaching Diabetic Athletes," downloaded the pdf, and here are my initial ... Read more

106 Reasons People Don’t Exercise

  Hi folks, I am just coming to grips with Google+, but recently an interesting link streamed into my G+ site, which even I could not ignore. This link took me to an informative and entertaining video about media marketing. Let's face it, marketing is part of life. You just have to do it to succeed, whether you're a baboon, a peacock, a scientist writing a grant application or a businessman ... Read more

Bioenergetics And Healthy Nutrition: You Make Fat From Sugar But Not Sugar From Fat

Healthy nutrition is one key to a long happy life, and don't think that it's fat that makes you fat; low fat foolishness made America fat. For many years I have been interested in Biochemistry, and my triathlon training heightened this interest. As you exercise you burn fuel to generate energy to do work (moving, thinking, making cells, excreting wastes). In fact, you burn these fuels all the time, but more as you ... Read more

Aneurysm, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Serious Injury, Feeling Your Age?

  Hi folks, Well, almost a year has gone by since I started this blog in response to fear for my life. I continue to search for endurance athletes with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft, without success. Since my graft placement, I have completed both a half and full Ironman race, with no apparent interest from the manufacturers of my stent - maybe they are scared I will croak on the course ... Read more

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