Don’t Let Self-Consciousness Come Between You And Your Story

Hi folks, I used to have a great fear of public speaking, but I eliminated that problem by attending Toastmasters (in Scotland) for four years, which scared me to death, and by giving hundreds of talks over the next 20 years. The fear, and thus the self-consciousness, was in my head and it got between my audience and me. Once you realize that it isn't about you, it is about the story that you have to tell, all of ... Read more

Feldenkrais: What’s In A Name? Everything!

  Hi folks, We think in terms of symbols, as far as I can tell. For instance, the word 'cat' is linked to an image in your mind. Probably a different image in you, myself, a zoo keeper, a lion tamer, and the person who created the bizarre picture on the right, but an image nonetheless. For me, I think that this word will always be associated with my visual, tactile (soft and black, with sharp claws), ... Read more

Sports Injuries: Are You Looking For The Wrong Thing In The Wrong Place?

  Hi folks, Whilst staying in a motel on the Interstate recently, I was awoken at 2:00 am by a cyclic buzzing sound, which I immediately assumed was an alarm clock in the adjacent room. You know what they say about, 'ASSUME.' Makes and ass out of you and an ass out of me. I just could not get back to sleep, so off I went in search of the offending noise, with the assistance of the night clerk (a nice ... Read more

Training As A Journey Of Self-Discovery: How Much Is Too Much?

  Hi folks, The real art to training safely comes down to knowing what to do and becoming aware of how much is too much. Too much what, you might ask? Let's consider a few key variables. Impact: Recently I sent out a tweet, via Twuffer to Twitter (brave new world), providing a Chez Ollie in the website concerning the value of exercise for Baby Boomers. There was a statement in this ... Read more

Is It Tendonitis Or Referred Pain, And Either Way What Can You Do About It?

  Hi folks! Matthew, a friend and relative, asked me on Facebook about his running injury, as follows [with minor edits]: "after agreeing with your sentiments about barefoot running, I promptly picked up a foot tendon injury and haven't been able to run since. [ ] I can't for the life of me recall which tendon is damaged [ ] its outside the arch...possibly one of the peroneus tendons in this ... Read more

Continued Ironman Training Thanks To Modern Surgery, Feldenkrais, And Lots Of Other Things Including a Well Aimed Bottle Of Beer From A Passing Truck!

  Hi folks, I was in the dentist's office again today and a nice lady there said "Great calves! How come? Are you a runner?" Well! I do run a bit, I replied, and that got me thinking. I do run a bit, and why is it that I can still run? Just take a look at my latest injury inventory diagram: A lot of people have helped me to address my injuries along the way, with great advice on treatment of many ... Read more

Guarding, Feldenkrais, Triathlon Training, AAA-Stents and Origami

  Hi folks, Tip for the day: find what your neuromuscular system is guarding unnecessarily, as it can kill your training and will certainly slow you down. Book for the day: "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. (all about quality of life, right!). Still a great book! Links for the day: Did you know that Origami played a big role in the design of your endovascular AAA-stent graft. ... Read more

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