There Are Many Ways To Be Successful – Just Don’t Give Up!

There Are Many Ways To Be Successful - Just Don't Give Up!

There is more to a successful business or running race than going fast or making a fast buck. It's really about going at your own pace, having fun, working hard, and meeting great people, like Gloria, along the way. And remember, just don't give up! I must admit that I really admire my eldest son, Nick, for his grit, determination, and discipline, with it comes to his business, Shirts That Go, and his interests, ... Read more

Inspiring Elderly Exercise Before You Develop An Elderly Demeanor

Inspiring Elderly Exercise Before You Develop An Elderly Demeanor

Inspiring elderly exercise, with an emphasis on body awareness, preferably before you become elderly in your demeanor, is one of FitOldDog's major goals for his readers. Many of my teachers, and some peers, have died already, and other peers are on the way out, but the ones that drive me crazy are the people who could, with a little effort, become so much more active, instead of walking with baby steps. Ah! ... Read more

Invited Blog Post On Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Survival: Tom’s Story

The last week of June 2012, I had a terrible lower back problem. I went to the doc and they x-rayed my back. They didn’t find much problem with the back, but this AAA showed up and they sent me for a CT scan. Sure enough, they called and confirmed that I had a 7.0 cm aneurysm in my abdominal aorta. I had never heard of this, so I got online and read enough to scare me to death. I decided I better get a grip, and deal ... Read more

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