Feldenkrais And Continuum Training Taught FitOldDog To Listen To His Toes But Are Triathletes Heeding Mark Sisson?

Hi folks! Good to still be here on Planet Earth, though I would like to visit the space station! When it comes to putting things in perspective, read The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, then study a bit of Biochemistry, and you'll understand why America has been fooled into obesity by the low fat diet craze. FitOldDog is finding Paleo thinking (not a strict Paleolithic diet - that's impossible - the stone ... Read more

FitOldDog’s Paleo Tailgate Cooking Video #1: Salmon And Spinach

Hi folks! Food! Yummy! Paleo food! Yummier! After you've trained for months for an Ironman race, or some other endurance sport, do you really want to trust someone else's cooking? FitOldDog sure doesn't, he cooks Paleo Delights out of the back of his Chevy Truck. What could be better? Here I am at the Alpenhaus Motel in Queensbury NY USA, and I thought, "Maybe it's time to give my readers a Paleo Tailgate ... Read more

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