FitOldDog Recommends That You Fit A Brake Lever To Your Triathlon Bike Aero Bars For Safety’s Sake

Hi folks, welcome! Obstacles, such as deer, can turn up in front of your bike at any time, which is why I asked Victor to fit a brake lever on my aero bars. When you're resting your weight on your aeros, it takes a finite amount of time to unweight one arm and grab that brake lever. You might not have that time, so why take the chance? I wouldn't ride without it - have bike questions? - go to Victor I ... Read more

I Think That My New Dinotte (Die Not!) Lights Might Save My Life One Day

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! The other day, my triathlete dentist son, Nigel, said, "Have you put those high intensity lights on your bike yet?" I hadn't, having bought them over a year previously on his recommendation. Shamed into it and after an extended search in our basement storage area, I found the equipment that I had ordered, all that time ago, from Dinotte Lighting ("Die Not" - clever that, and I ... Read more

In The Winter Or At Altitude On The Bike Dress For The Descent

  Hi folks, I was in the pool today, when a fit-looking guy, who kindly reminded me that his name is Steve (I seem to have trouble remembering names, with apologies to Steve), mentioned that he enjoyed reading my blog. This is music to the ears of a blogger, as providing interesting and useful content is what blogging is all about. Then Steve mentioned that he had recently biked up Mount Mitchell, ... Read more

Keep Those Evening Road Runs Safe

  Hi folks, If your races are on the roads then you will need to train on the roads as race time approaches. I recommend that you face the oncoming traffic, and be ready to get out of their way at all times, and give priority to cyclists when running in their lane. As cyclists approach I always run into the middle of the traffic lane if no traffic is coming in either direction, or I climb up onto the ... Read more

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