Exploring Lower Back Pain – Gluteus mimimus

Exploring Lower Back Pain - Gluteus mimimus

Gluteus (glute) minimus, one of many muscles that stabilize your hips, amongst other things, I'm sure. Image and copyright purchased from ShutterStock, Inc. After yesterday's hill repeats, I felt fine. Didn't stretch enough, but sometimes life intervenes. Cooking, writing, cutting wood for the stove for chilly mornings, ministering unto Cat, watering the vegetables, whatever, so stretching can be ... Read more

Tight Calves? Stretch Your Hamstrings!

Tight Calves? Stretch Your Hamstrings!

I know it sounds weird, but if you have tight calves, stretching your hamstrings works better than a roller or using all those crazy calf stretching gizmos. Trust me! https://youtu.be/cArWgQXoktc I know, I said hip flexor instead of lateral hip rotator for the piriformis stretch. I guess I was distracted. Why did the music go on after the images? So you'll be encouraged to relax, chill out. Never force ... Read more

FitOldDog’s Favorite Hamstring Stretch (Lengthening) Exercise

FitOldDog's Favorite Hamstring Stretch (Lengthening) Exercise

Muscle happiness comes from regular exercise, adequate recovery, and lengthening (stretching is really not a good term, it leads to the wrong attitude). Furthermore, each muscle has it's own personality, so you have to find a way to make each one happy - just like people!  It isn't really about stretching, it's about developing a healthy relationship. Hamstring strains are pretty common in runners, many of ... Read more

Protective Muscle Reflexes And The Art Of Stretching Or Lengthening

  "Stretching or lengthening is a conversation you have with a muscle, not something you do to a muscle." FitOldDog, September, 2012, whilst talking to himself and running trails. re·flex/ˈrēˌfleks/ Definition from Google: Noun: An action that is performed without conscious thought as a response to a stimulus. Hi folks, I live with a nurse, as a result of which ... Read more

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