Why Growing Your Own Food is So Important

Why Growing Your Own Food is So Important

Planting the fall garden, while Cat looks on. We live from the soil. No plants, no food, no us. You only care for that of which you are aware. Growing your own food, handling soil that you've carefully nurtured, keeps you in touch with the Biosphere. What do you think would happen if you became out of touch with your kids, your pets, your body? They suffer and in the end this will cause you to suffer, ... Read more

Interesting Results From FitOldDog’s Vegetable Gardening Experiment

Interesting Results From FitOldDog's Vegetable Gardening Experiment

Remember my vegetable gardening experiment, set up a couple of months ago? I set up four different plots of immature soil, all with added worms, as follows (A) bacterial treatment, (B) worm casts, (C) bacterial treatment and worm casts, (D) nothing extra. Well, the results are in, though I guess I have to repeat it a number of times to be sure. That said, I'm going to apply bacterial treatment across the whole thing ... Read more

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