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Hi! Folks,

I like to travel light. In fact, I travel so light that I get pulled out of the security line in airports because they just don’t believe that I can travel around Europe for weeks with just a small, not overly-full backpack. This new computer, MacBook Air makes it even smaller. Happened again as I was leaving Paris CDG a few days ago. I say the same thing each time: “Look around at these people, with bags the size of small houses, and look at my stuff. Would you like to travel like me or travel like them?” Works every time! Which got me thinking about my travel training gear.

My travel training gear consists of (a) my running shoes, Nike Free, that I wear all the time, (b) running shorts from Fleet Feet, that I wear all the time also (under my long black woolly pants and with a wicking shirt from Chez Ollie), (c) minimal swim gear, including Swedish Goggles, of course, and a lock, (d) rubber elastic cords for lat work (see below), which I got from my kind PT, Bruce Buley, and many other things, and (e) a tennis ball which acts as a travel roller for stretching difficult muscles.

Kevin's Travel Kit Essentials

I carry two sets of shorts and shirts, one to wear and one to wash, my Nook which has loads of books to read and is very small, and my MacBook Air which keeps my blog rolling, wherever I go.  A toothbrush, my medical kit for my AAA-stent (fish oil and aspirin), and that’s it! I can do kick-ass workouts wherever I go.

No excuses!

-k @FitOldDog


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