Getting Back in Training With An AAA-Stent Graft

Back In Training With An Abdominal Aortic (AAA) Stent Graft 2010

Yes! FitOldDog Was In A Funk All Those Years Ago

I Got Over It, And You Can Too!

Here is my very first WordPress post, after my first AAA endovascular surgery, with a few minor edits, for clarity!

Hi! Folks (well, just me, mainly),

Finally getting over my stent-funk and starting to train. Always worry about causing metal fatigue [Yes! There is metal in the stent], but then, what is life without a good strong, happy body?

Gently started working on the swim again, per previous posts [Pre-WordPress, and lost], then the trainer with PowerCranks (watch out, they can hurt you if you have week hip flexors), and then the run, focusing on barefoot techniques.

Did my first post-stent run this weekend, Carrboro Gallop&Gorge, real easy with an average pace of about 10 min/mile according to my watch (much slower than I am used to, but I guess I have to be patient!). Training plan for the week:

Today (Saturday, Nov 27th) – 45 min swim, 30 minute trainer (no PowerCranks) or out on the road for longer if it warms up. Sunday – 32 mile spin on the bike, core training on the matt, stretch those hips muscles, Monday – core work on the mat, 30 min run, barefoot if not too cold, Feldenkrais, Massage? Tuesday – 1 hour early morning swim, 1 hour on the bike, trainer or the road, conditions permitting. Wednesday – Run at the track, 1 hour, some gentle speed work, or if the track is booked road run with hill repeats. Thursday – 1 hour early morning swim, 25 mile ride on the bike, easy spin. Friday – 1 hour trail run, easy, core work on the mat, maybe a short swim, time permitting. Saturday – let’s see how I feel, but hopefully another trail run, hips permitting, plus 32 mile loop to visit the cat on the farm.

Time to get my mind back on track, Sue!




  1. Hi, How many weeks post stent did you start this level of workout? Seems like a strong start!

  2. Hi Pauline, based on this blog post it was about 3 mths from the surgery to these workouts, including a short local run. However, I don’t think that I fully recovered for over a year, and now, into my third year post surgery I think I have returned to a similar level of training to that just prior to surgery (August 2010). I was very nervous at first, because I was concerned about breaking the stent or the outer aortic wall – wisely so. I hardly remember writing this post. Cheers, Kevin

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