Best Triathlon Training Book I Ever Read – Slow, Old, Fat, Nervous, Who Cares Says Jayne, And FitOldDog Agrees?

Slow Fat Jayne small fileHi folks, welcome!

Thinking of giving triathlon a try, but don’t think you would fit into that scene? Read this great book and think again, then give it a tri!

Over my 17 years of triathlon training, I’ve read quite a bit of material, including some excellent books, magazine articles, and blog posts. I’ve also received much sage advice from coaches. But for me it always comes down to attitude, especially taking the sport seriously (if only for safety’s sake), but not taking yourself too seriously. Then by chance I came across this great book, Slow Fat Triathlete, which expresses many of my feelings about this great sport.

Slow Fat Triathlete, by an excellent and amusing author, Jayne Williams, is full of great attitude, in addition to valuable tips, information and encouragement.

-k @FitOldDog


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