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Should You Trust Your Doctor?

Not necessarily!

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trust doctors? FitOldDog aortic surgeon, Tara Mastracci

FitOldDog interviews his surgeon, Tara, at the Cleveland Clinic – stay in touch with your medical professionals, especially the surgeon. I trust Tara, but she went to England.

Trust your doctor? Why do I care? Because it is a critical question.

You are really your own best doctor, but it takes a little work. Your other doctor, the guy/lady in the white coat, is there to help you, but you decide what to put into your body, and whether to be subjected to medical procedures.

They see you for five minutes. You live with you 24/7. Who knows you best?

Please challenge anyone in a white coat.

Just read my Valium story, to see where I am coming from, and thanks for your data. It’s important, believe it or not, as I come to grips with Healthy Aging.

How can I understand the world without data? Yes! I’ll generate a report, like I did for plantar fasciitis!

Wishing you happy trails.

FitOldDog (A veterinarian, whose life was saved by doctors! Of course I appreciate them! I just don’t trust most of them!)

PS If you want to improve your ability to communicate with your doctor, read this book. Over and out!

trust your doctor: Your medical mind, book


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