Vegan Athlete And Plant-Based Veterinarian, With Healthier Prostate!

I became a vegan athlete on August 4th, 2015

The prostate health benefits are amazing!

FitOldDog's vegan athlete breakfast.

I love being a vegan athlete. Food tastes better every day, and there are clear health benefits, especially for the non-human animals. Cuisine and photo by FitOldDog

Vegan Athlete To Vegan Chef

FitOldDog, vegan athlete, in garden

It’s easier to be a vegan athlete if you love vegetable gardening, which I do!

Haven’t been tempted to eat meat, dairy or eggs, ever since. Funny thing is, as an ex-chicken wing eating expert, my whole mindset to food has shifted.

I also feel good about myself, as a vegan veterinarian.

Am I crazy?

Yes! I’m crazy about my new life-style. I can also see how it is influencing those around me, and…

Yes, the prostate benefits ARE amazing!

As a researcher, I tend to be driven by logic, rather than feelings. This played a major role in the event that occurred on August 4th, 2015.

How did I become a vegan athlete?


Vegan athlete, Robert Cheeke, at Forks Over Knives.

Vegan athlete? Look at this guy, Robert Cheeke. He’s wasting away. Guess I will too. From Forks Over Knives, a great resource.

I was recently invited (and paidI need the money to support Old Dogs in Training, LLC!) to consult on a project to reduce animal testing. I’m a veterinary pathologist, with experience in Toxicology, and the development of alternatives to animal tests (mathematical modeling is the best).

Sitting, pondering the topic for a couple of hours, I realized I couldn’t accept pay to save rats and mice, while eating pigs and chickens. I like pigs and chickens, just as much as I like rats and mice. Fascinating and intelligent creatures, all.

Went vegetarian.

Two weeks later, as part of my research, I watched Cowspiracy, and immediately transmogrified into another vegan athlete.

I put many of my thoughts, while doing this consulting work, into a website, The Thoughtful Toxicologist.

Not vegan athlete, Rick, saves turtle #9 for the year.

Real athletes, like Rick, stop to save turtles and other animals on the road. Vegan athlete or not! Hoping to avoid becoming road-kill themselves, in the process.

How times have changed. I’m a 72-year old (73 next month), Ironman-distance triathlete, veterinary researcher, putting my research notes into a website I built myself. How odd the world has become! Everything shared on the web, but everything invisible on the web, unless you pay (more and more!).

But kindness hasn’t changed. Which is why Rick, a great athlete (not a vegan yet), saves turtle #9.

You don’t have to be a rabid vegan, animal-rights activist, to save lots of animals, by the way.

If you want to stay young at heart and live for a long time, without having to rush to pee all the time, become a vegan athlete.

Much easier and more enjoyable than you can imaging.

Wishing you happy trails.


OH YES! The meal in the picture, comprises locally-grown produce. A bed of onion, sautéed with a little salt to bring out the juice. Layered on bok choi and carrots. Simmered with some herbs. Added pre-roasted redskin potatoes (olive oil, salt and thyme, at 450 for 45 minutes). Simmered again, with the juice from the potatoes. Who needs meat, when you can eat this stuff.

DEB SAID: “Those roast potatoes are amazing. They are my all time favorite potatoes. How do you do them again?” I explained, and returned to blogging (while eating a potato).


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