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Hi folks,

Never heard of Malang before, but now I want to go there.

Never heard of Malang before, but now I want to go there. Map created by Google Analytics.

Sometimes I wonder why I write these blog posts, as I generate one blogging idea after another, and then someone will sign in and read an article I wrote a long time ago and it feels good to have a shared my experiences with a complete stranger across the world. In fact, it makes the world seem smaller and maybe increases my sense of brotherhood and sisterhood with all people. We are but one species, for heaven’s sake. The world is too small for divisive thinking.

Today a person in Malang was reading a story I wrote about a bloated sheep. I was so pleased to see that as maybe, just maybe, I helped him/her to fix the problem, and perhaps to smile a little.

Picture from Malang, and now I really want to got there. Looks great!

Picture from Malang, and now I really want to go there. Looks great!


Wouldn’t it be great to think that you could make complete strangers smile? I think so!

So I researched Malang, and it appears to have some beautiful things to see, food to eat, and people to meet. Maybe I’ll go there one day.

You never know your luck.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workout:

Tough swim with Rick, toughest yet.



  1. Humanhood is a grand thing.

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