Why I Love Living In The USA; What The H*ll Does Trump Think He’s Doing?



Freedom of religion, which in my case is freedom from religion.

Separation of church and state.

No kings or queens, with an aristocracy-based glass ceiling.

Thought and entrepreneurship are encouraged, in spite of the current stranglehold of big business.

The generosity of these great people to immigrants, such as myself.

The Americans, who enhanced my immigration experience, included Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Atheists, Baha’is and Others.

What the h*ll does Trump think he’s doing? We don’t need a bigoted, spoiled child running this wonderful country. Such rhetoric is extremely dangerous.

Interesting times, return. They always do!

Piggy would make a better leader.


PLUS: space to move and enjoy a vegetable garden, amazing natural wonders, great camping, and much, much more.


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