You Design Your Life, Whether You Know It Or Not!

Garden design, Carrboro, NC

A beautifully designed garden, spotted whilst wandering along the sidewalk in Carrboro, NC, on my way to my morning coffee. Photo by FitOldDog.

Harry Potter quoteDesign, intelligent or otherwise, creates us and our lives, and what is more intelligent than relentless ‘survival of the fittest,’ or life-style editing, while being content to be where you are – the classic paradox?

The best writing is a product of relentless editing, before or after the ink goes on the paper.

The best exercise is the product of careful planning, goal setting, and overall, growing body awareness.

The best thinking is the result of constant questioning, especially the obvious.

The Two Step of relationships

You ignore this at your peril, so grow a spine but not an attitude!

The best relationships are the outcome of learning to dance The Two Step, be it with a friend, a wife, a boss or yourself.

The best dog is the one wagging it’s tail in your direction right now, and maybe it is on death row in an animal shelter, so hurry, rescue her/him, before it’s too late.

The best cat is one that will bite you from time to time, if you step over those unseen feline boundaries.

The best planet is the only one we’ve got, so let’s look after it, but watch out for those pesky rats, whether you want to save them or not!

The best food? Now, there’s a complicated question. Home grown is a good start, but not the full answer.

The best beauty? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder, so make your own beauty; it’s all around you.

Just open your eyes and enjoy your world to the fullest extent you can.


PS It feels so good to have my run coming back, breaking 8:00 pace at the track for a 400 meter pickup of moderate perceived effort, yesterday evening. Perception is what it’s all about, but don’t trust perception┬ácompletely!


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