Why You Need A Coach If You Are Serious About Your Sport Plus A Swim Tip To Engage Your Lats

  Hi folks, There are many reasons to hire a coach, and it becomes increasingly important the more challenging or potentially risky the undertaking. The most important reason to have a coach is to protect you from yourself. Furthermore, a simple observation on your technique, along with appropriate advice, can make all the difference to your performance. Here is a short video clip showing how to engage ... Read more

FitOldDog Core Exercise Video Two And Thoughts On Our Center(s) Of Gravity

  Hi folks, Core strength and flexibility are critical for your training, performance, posture, dance, general mobility, and many other activities. What exactly the core is has to be experienced, and I am still in the discovery stage. There are several definitions out there, one of which is "your body minus your legs and arms." This implies that your head is part of your core. Is it, I wonder? Another ... Read more

Try Running Straight Out Of The Weight Room

Hi folks, When my doctor or my coach tell me to do something, I don't necessarily do it. Most of the time I do, but now and then the action seems ill advised for me personally. In the case of doctors I argue, and they sometimes listen, but generally not. In the case of my coach, I give it a try, and if it doesn't feel right I let him know (or blog about it). Recently, I was instructed by my coach to do a ... Read more

Safer Exercise Approaches: Using Rollers Before And After Running Really Helps

Hi folks, I'm slowly getting back into shape, after floundering around without a coach for several months. Floundering? Like the fish? Anyway, flounder or octopus, I was getting nowhere, which is surprising considering how long I have been training. Even coaches have to have coaches if they are still competing, so I certainly need one. Today I was finishing an important workout pair from my ... Read more

We Need To Develop Do’s And Don’ts For AAA, Cardiac Stents, And Everything Else For That Matter

Boy, these old posts are badly written and constructed - that's how you learn! Hi folks, You hear of exercise being touted as a cure-all, whereas it can clearly be risky in certain situations. For instance, if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes are there amounts and types of exercise that are contra-indicated (not good in your situation)? I bet there are! This is true of age (too much bouncing on a ... Read more

My Coach’s Training Plan And Heart Rate Strategy Got Me To The Boston Marathon

 Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! When it comes to training you have to do the work, but a good coach can make all the difference to your race achievements. I remember preparing for my Boston Marathon qualifier in 2008, the Charlotte Thunder Road marathon. A marathon is a long way if you are running, and a slight difference in your average pace can make all the difference to your finishing time. My goal for ... Read more

Do You Need A Coach, And If So How Do You Find A Good One?

  Hi folks, I am a highly motivated person, but on a dark winters morning, when it is raining, I'm tired and stiff and in my warm bed, do I really want to go on that early morning ride, jump in the pool, or wade through cold water on muddy trails? Or would I like to stay in the warm and have a nice hot cup of tea? Easy to answer, which is why I need a coach, whether I need to exercise for better health ... Read more

Two Triathletes Die In Swim: The Issue Is Training, Not The Rules Of The Game

Hi folks, I was very sad to hear of two unnecessary deaths in the New York City Triathlon. I say unnecessary because of my experience in triathlons as an ex-water polo player. I have completed the Lake Placid Ironman five times, which has an extremely crowded swim start. This year I completed the race with an abdominal aortic stent graft, and at no time did I feel threatened in the water. The start of these ... Read more

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