Make Sure Your Perception Fits Reality Especially When Running Trails

  Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! We look at the world, but we don't always see what is actually there. This is because, for efficiency's sake, the brain fills in a great deal of information to make things fit. If it collected and processed all the visual data you'd get nowhere. For instance, when you see a house, your mind creates a 3D image in your mind of the house as a box, even though you can ... Read more

The 60-Mile Plantar Fasciitis Cure

Hi! Thanks for coming by! A few weeks ago I was visiting a local shoe store, where I entered into a conversation with an endurance runner who was having trouble with plantar fasciitis. We talked about the role of posture, shoes, running style, and a number of other factors that might alleviate the problem, and left it at that. The subject of running-induced plantar fasciitis interests me for two reasons, (1) I ... Read more

Pleasures And Risks Of Picking Up Your Pace For Ironman Swim T1 Bike T2 And Run

  Hi folks, As a triathlete I spend a lot of time working to increase my endurance and pace, whilst both come with some risks and lots of enjoyment. This will be brief as I'm sitting in Heathrow Airport awaiting my flight. Swim: The key to improving pace in the swim is some technique, lots of conditioning, some more technique, lots more conditioning, and a good coach. The only real risks are ... Read more

Different Ways To Set Your Effort Level On The Run

  Hi folks, As a runner you can assess your effort level in a number of different ways, and some are safer than others. I have friends who head out on a run saying that they plan to hold such-and-such a pace for certain intervals or distances. These are the people who tend to be injured most frequently. Eight-minute pace can be easy one day, a struggle on another, and on occasions potentially ... Read more

The Hand Catch And Use Of The Pool During Recovery From Running Injuries

  Hi folks, I recently received a comment from Pauline, concerning swimming technique and the use of hand paddles, as she is dealing with a running injury. Blogging is all about conversation, and it is encouraging to receive this kind of input, so I thought that I would write briefly about use of the pool during 'running injury rehabilitation.' But first a comment on the hand catch. If you watch Mr. ... Read more

Wine Bottle Travel Tip For Plantar Fasciitis From FitOldDog

  For a copy of FitOldDog's Quick Fix Guide To Plantar Fasciitis Click This Link Hi folks, I was wondering how I would deal with running on my trip to Australia without my trusty rollers, because I don't want my plantar fasciitis to come back. Then, whilst making my morning cup of tea, I thought, "What about a wine bottle." I tried a bottle of California Petite Sirah on my calf muscles, and it felt much ... Read more

Thinking About Knee Injuries And Norwegian Carrot Cake

  Hi folks, It is funny the stuff that we have to think about during an average day. It started this morning with a question from Meg, owner of Studio Xanadeux Photography, about knee weakness in relation to running, and proceeded to Norwegian Carrot Cake late this afternoon. Meg mentioned that I do not have knee injuries in my tags or categories on this blog, and that is true. Maybe this is a critical ... Read more

Revisiting PowerCranks By FitOldDog

  Hi folks, There are many pieces of training gear out there, but I think that PowerCranks are worth a try. They do not come without risk, which is clearly also true of running shoes. I have overdone PowerCranks, causing a strain to my right psoas muscle. That is all fixed up now and is currently being strengthened using PowerCranks. You should take considerable care as you learn to use these great tools, ... Read more

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